January 13, 2016

Foto Prewedding Egia Etha Tarigan dan Franciskus Sitepu

Ahhhhhh... So happy finally i create a blog. There will be a very first time for everything. I don't know what should i post in the first post - but my head tells me, it must be a picture post!

So, here we go. One memorable photo ever. I will tell you the "behind-story" of this photo soon.

Well, some people said "You must have a pitch line of your blog" "You must think one big theme of your blog". On the other hand, other people said that "Just go blogging, no matter what, blog everything away!" "You should keep everything well recorded on blog - so your children could read your story."

So here is the blog came out with BLANK CONCEPT and i will literally post everything that i want to share. Vacations, Trips, Food, Family, Lifestyle, Thought, Beauty, Personal Diary, etc. 
See? no boundaries, no theme, no pitch line.. HA HA HA.

Soooo, Thankyou for landing on my page, dears!

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